Coastal Bee Works provides bee removals that range from catching and removing swarms, to full cut outs. As professional beekeepers, we can remove your hive without harming it or using any harsh chemicals in your home.

Don’t hire an exterminator to kill bees and seal the hive in the wall. This will only create more problems down the line, including attracting additional pests like mice and roaches. Have the hive properly removed by an expert.

We use state of the art equipment including FLIR thermal imaging that allows us to locate the hive and minimize any repairs to your property.

Once we have located the hive, we will remove all the bees and all comb that the bees have built. This is the only proper way to remove bees from a structure and prevent them from coming back in the same location next year.  We will place them into a proper hive body and relocate them to a safe home.

Once the removal is complete, you can have the contractor of your choice make any necessary repairs. We will advise you or your contractor on the best practices for sealing up the structure and preventing bees from returning in the same location.